Leeham News: Imperium is one of many companies arranging biz jet flights

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Imperium Jets article on the Leeham News website continues to trend. Read all about it.

Imperium works with travel agencies and brokers. The company acts as a consolidator/arranger of biz jet flights. It can respond to inquiries within two hours and handle all the backend work, quotes and arrange payments.

Imperium has 12,630 aircraft jets and turboprops in its data base with 2,600 operators. It’s adding cargo aircraft operators, from turboprops to Boeing 747’s. Thirty travel agencies became clients since January.

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FOX BUSINESS: Private Jet Service Surges Coronavirus

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Imperium Jets article on the Fox Business website continues to trend. Read all about it.

We’ve seen an unprecedented surge in demand for private jet flights as travelers seek to reduce the risk of catching the virus or wish to move their families on routes which have been shut down,” Lidor Revah, founder and CEO of private jet company Imperium Jets, said in a statement to FOX Business.

The IATA said on Thursday that airlines could lose up to $113 billion in 2020 because of the coronavirus outbreak.

“We’ve also experienced a dramatic upswing in online travel agencies reaching out about using our platform to offer their customers the option to purchase seats on private aircraft.”

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QUARTZ MAGAZINE: The super-wealthy are turning to private jets to flee coronavirus

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Imperium Jets article on the Quartz Magazine website continues to trend. Read all about it.

General interest in private jets has spiked, Revah said, due to a combination of cancelled commercial flights and a desire to avoid contracting the virus, especially in affected areas. “They want to feel safer, they want to feel away from the crowd,” he said.

He compared the atmosphere in the industry to the period immediately following 9/11, when a combination of anxiety and long lines at security led to increased demand for private planes. “It’s kind of similar—there’s the same feeling.” If traffic patterns are similar, it could take four to six months for demand for commercial flights to return to pre-coronavirus levels, Revah estimated.

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JetSet Magazine: Imperium Jets Truly is the World’s Best Sourcing Platform

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Imperium Jets article on the JetSet Magazine website continues to trend. Read all about it.

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Automatic Growth – the Imperium Power

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What is Imperium Jets Lead-Gen integration and what’s the difference between Lead-Gen integration and API integration?

Lead-Gen Integration:
Short for lead generation integration, Lead-Gen is a widget that allows you to identify and collect qualified leads that are interested to buy private jet flights from your agency.

The main difference between Lead-Gen and API integration is that Lead-Gen is allowing you to collect the customer information, while API integration allows your customer to buy directly from your website.



How Does It Work

Stage 1 – Search: Customer is searching for a flight on your website.

Stage 2 – Find: Customer comparing different options and chooses the one he likes

Stage 3 – Submit info: Customer submits his information to get a call back from a sales representative

Stage 4 – Contact the customer: All your customer’s leads are kept in your dashboard “LEAD” folder.
You can call directly from the dashboard and even followup on customer notes and the deal process.

Stage 5 – Close the deal

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Lead-Gen: Facts and Benefits 

1. 50% of marketers say inbound marketing strategies, such as onsite forms, are their primary source of leads.
2. Companies automating lead management see a 10% increase in revenue after 6-9 months.
3. 74% of companies use web forms for lead generation, with 49.7% stating their online forms are their highest converting lead generation tool.
4. 80% of marketers use automation software to generate more leads; 77% of them convert more of those leads. (VentureBeatAPSIS)
5. 85% of marketers claim lead generation is their most important content marketing goal.

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