Podcast #4: How Jet Operators Handle COVID-19? with Brent from Valkyrie Air Charters


Imperium Jets are creating the next revolution in the world of private aviation, making private aviation accessible to the general public. Starting today, almost everyone can afford to fly a private jet.

So how does it work?

To date, in order to fly on a private plane, you had to rent the whole plane at a very high price, which is equal to the cost of several business class flights (within the United States).

Today, with the Imperium Jets system, carriers can be booked from all over the country, offering a private plane seat at the same price of a business class flight, and sometimes even less. Now you too can enjoy the comfort, luxury, speed, and service of a private jet …

Leeham News: Imperium is one of many companies arranging biz jet flights

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Imperium Jets article on the Leeham News website continues to trend. Read all about it.

Imperium works with travel agencies and brokers. The company acts as a consolidator/arranger of biz jet flights. It can respond to inquiries within two hours and handle all the backend work, quotes and arrange payments.

Imperium has 12,630 aircraft jets and turboprops in its data base with 2,600 operators. It’s adding cargo aircraft operators, from turboprops to Boeing 747’s. Thirty travel agencies became clients since January.

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FOX BUSINESS: Private Jet Service Surges Coronavirus

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Imperium Jets article on the Fox Business website continues to trend. Read all about it.

We’ve seen an unprecedented surge in demand for private jet flights as travelers seek to reduce the risk of catching the virus or wish to move their families on routes which have been shut down,” Lidor Revah, founder and CEO of private jet company Imperium Jets, said in a statement to FOX Business.

The IATA said on Thursday that airlines could lose up to $113 billion in 2020 because of the coronavirus outbreak.

“We’ve also experienced a dramatic upswing in online travel agencies reaching out about using our platform to offer their customers the option to purchase seats on private aircraft.”

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QUARTZ MAGAZINE: The super-wealthy are turning to private jets to flee coronavirus

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Imperium Jets article on the Quartz Magazine website continues to trend. Read all about it.

General interest in private jets has spiked, Revah said, due to a combination of cancelled commercial flights and a desire to avoid contracting the virus, especially in affected areas. “They want to feel safer, they want to feel away from the crowd,” he said.

He compared the atmosphere in the industry to the period immediately following 9/11, when a combination of anxiety and long lines at security led to increased demand for private planes. “It’s kind of similar—there’s the same feeling.” If traffic patterns are similar, it could take four to six months for demand for commercial flights to return to pre-coronavirus levels, Revah estimated.

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Podcast #1: Sales and Growth Tips with Aviad Rodan / Elite VIP


How to serve your customers better? Building a strong sales funnel? and hiring the best people to grow your business? Aviad Rodan, owner of Elite VIP and a charter broker with over 25 years of business aviation experience is sharing his best tips that will help you achieve better results.

The Charter Broker Podcast is the leading community for charter brokers and elite travel agencies in business aviation. The podcast is designed to serve the community with the best tips and practices from top-producing brokers and industry leaders.

Podcast #3: Mr. Jon Gibbs


Today in The Imperium Podcast we are hosting Mr. Jon Gibbs who is the president of Savion Aerospace.
In this episode, we’re gonna talk about a two-passenger aircraft completely remote operated, which is flown on liquified natural gas.

The Ultimate Business Aviation Marketing Guide 2020

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Whether you are a single broker operating from your home computer or a large brokerage firm, having an excellent marketing strategy is a must for anyone who is aspiring to build a successful business.

The most challenging part of business aviation marketing is to stand out from the never-ending red-ocean of brokers, service providers, and mobile charter apps. The competition is pervasive and charter services are competitive over the same customers.

One of the most important keys is to have a phenomenal marketing plan that will help you pin down more potential clients while growing your reputation and brand awareness.

Remember, your goal is to become the only go-to company in your niche.

In this article, we will cover the diverse parts that will help you create the most efficient marketing strategy for your charter business.
We hope this guide will serve you well and accelerate your business growth, as always, our team is at your service 24/7 of any support you need.



With Best Regards,
Lidor Revah and the Imperium Jets team.

JetSet Magazine: Imperium Jets Truly is the World’s Best Sourcing Platform

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Imperium Jets article on the JetSet Magazine website continues to trend. Read all about it.

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Type of Business & Private Jet Aircrafts


At Imperium Jets we were sent to find out about all the different types of private jets so you can have a good idea to find your needs and to help specify your search according to what’s available today so sit tight and enjoy the flight 😉

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Podcast #2: Melissa Berg / Air Denver


WOW! We have the one and only Melissa Berg from Air Denver! Melissa has over 22 years of business aviation experience and she is the VP at Air Denver one of the top brokerage companies in the nation.

Melissa is willing to share with us the core secrets that helped her and her dad build such a successful company and grow to over 10,000 customers.

The Charter Broker Podcast is the number 1 podcast for charter brokers and luxury travel agencies. The podcast is designed to serve the community with the best tips and practices from top-producing industry leaders.