Imperium Jets: Gives Travel Professionals Their Private Jet Brand

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Our Agency Solution Package Offers

An Easy-to-Use but Powerful System

Imperium Jets is a unique system designed for comparing and booking private aviation charter across the country. It features a wide-reaching flight database network that provides you with the best possible deals for your clients. The best bit is, it’s simple and super easy to integrate into your agency’s booking software.


How it Works

To get started, all you need to do is fill out your details, and you are good to go. After accessing your agency dashboard or integrate Imperium Jets API to your system you can search the private jet flights you want or create one of your own. Simply book your flight. That’s not all. Our agency management system allows you to learn about upcoming trends, track your clients’ booking, view earnings, see when the next payment is due.


Private Label Services

● A dedicated account manager
● Access to thousands of charterable aircraft across the country; this gives your clients a diverse range of jets to choose from.
● Comprehensive services and design to showcase your branding, creating more business and word of mouth.
● Beautifully designed quotations that are fully customized with your branding. They are commission inclusive and ready to send to your clients directly.
● Your company branding on the flight
● Onboard service that provides for enhanced catering and corporate branding on the crew uniforms


Individually Catered Experience

At Imperium Jets, we believe in moving through the sky in style. That’s why our services go beyond a destination. Whatever you are looking to book, your clients will be treated to our exclusive services.
With each flight, we infuse the spirit of hospitality for an extraordinary experience that resonates with relaxation, comfort, and luminous possibility. That will, without a doubt, astound your clients. All the while, we help you create more business and word of mouth around your brand.
Our hospitality package includes:
● Ground welcoming team
● Inflight food
● Refreshments
● Entertainment
● childcare and more



Ready to Turn Private Jet Flights into Pure Profit?

If you have further questions or concerns about our travel agency solutions, don’t hesitate to give us a call or fill out our online contact form. We will be more than glad to help!