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At Imperium Jets we were sent to find out about all the different types of private jets so you can have a good idea to find your needs and to help specify your search according to what’s available today so sit tight and enjoy the flight 😉



The world’s first turboprop was designed by the Hungarian mechanical engineer György Jendrassik

Turboprops are most efficient at flight speeds below 450 mph

The most common application of turboprop engines in civilian aviation is in small commuter aircraft.

Turboprop-powered aircraft have become popular for bush airplanes such as the Cessna Caravan and Quest Kodiak as jet fuel is easier to obtain in remote areas.

These aircrafts are mostly used where high-performance short-takeoff and landing capability and efficiency at modest flight speeds are required.

> Max speed of 1,000-1,500 mph

> Range of up to 1,000 miles

> In April 2017, there were 14,311 business turboprops in the worldwide fleet.


Very Light Jets (VLJ)


The best-known VLJs are the Embraer Phenom 100, the Eclipse 500, and the Cessna Citation Mustang.

A VLJ is a category of small business jets seating 4 to 8 passengers 

These are very well suited to short-haul distances

VLJs are intended to have lower operating costs than conventional jets, either for personal use or in point-to-point air taxi service. these types of jets have enough space for a cabin attendant.

> Max speed of 340 to 420 knots

> Max range of up to 1,174 nautical miles.

> Two VLJs in history have won the Collier Trophy, known as the most prestigious aerospace engineering award in the United States — the Eclipse 500 in 2006 and the Cirrus Vision Jet in 2018.


Small Cabin Jets


Best Known the Hawker Beechcraft Premier 1A, Cessna Citation CJ4, and Dassault Falcon 10.

Light jets provide an affordable way to access private aviation.

When choosing a light jet you need to make sure to verify how many seats on the aircraft as the same airplane types can be configured with a different number of seats (up to 8 passengers). and no cabin attendant. Most of them have an onboard lavatory.

Many executives prefer these jets for business travel. They can easily manage a 2 to 3-hour flight and are generally considered to be the most cost effective choice.

> Max speed 460 – 480 mph 

> Max range 800 – 1,400 miles

> The Pilatus PC-24 is new and the most spacious aircraft in the light jet category.


Super Light Jets


Known super light jets are: Astra SP, Cessna Citation Excel, Gulfstream G-100, Bombardier Learjet 45XR.

This type of jets is a step up from the small cabin jet with a more spacious interior and more luggage space. well appointed cabins they are a popular category in the market. Beverages and snacks are available, or catering can be arranged. A private lavatory is usually available.

Holds a capacity of up to 8 passengers 

> Max speed of 564 mph 

> Max range is around 2,030 nautical miles

> Super Light Jets are the most versatile jets in the range and are ideal for passengers needing to visit several destinations in one day


Midsize Cabin Jets


Available Jets in this Class are the: Citation III, Citation VII, Citation Excel/XLS, Learjet 60, Hawker 800XP, Astra SPX / G100 / G150, Hawker 800 / 850 / 900

They remain more fuel efficient than the larger types of jets and have many luxurious amenities:

All midsize cabin jets include an enclosed lavatory and generally have a small galley with room for serving food and drinks.

You can choose from long or short-range aircraft capable of variable speeds.

The capacity is 6-8 passengers.

> Max range 1,500 – 2,200 miles

> Max speed 480 – 500 mph 

> They have a flight time of 7 hours.


Super Midsize Cabin Jets


Available jets in this category: Hawker 1000, Falcon 50, Citation Sovereign, Citation X, Gulfstream G200, Challenger 300, Hawker 4000

Great for longer domestic trips and transatlantic travel include an enclosed lavatory and typically have a room for preparing and serving food and drinks. 

They also have generous standing and walking room Some include a flight attendant.

designed to comfortably accommodate 8-9 passengers with generous baggage space,

Some of these can accommodate up to 12 passengers

These types of private planes are a more luxurious variety

Max Range 2,500 – 3,500 miles

> Max Speed 510 – 530 mph 

> Their standard travel range is up to 7 hours flight time or 3,500 miles in optimal conditions.


Heavy Jets or Large Cabin Jets

AircraftRegistryAvailable jets in this category: Falcon 2000 / EX / LX, Challenger 601 / 604 / 605, Embraer Legacy

Large cabin jets are designed to comfortably accommodate 8 to 12 passengers.

include an enclosed lavatory, a fully-equipped room for preparing and serving food and drinks. They have the largest interiors, include sleeping accommodations for smaller groups. All flights have a flight attendant on board. These jets provide the greatest number of amenities in the highest level of comfort.

Max Speed 510 – 530 mph

> Max Range 3,000 – 4,500 miles

> Ideal for international, nonstop transoceanic travel.


Ultra Long Range Heavy Jets

CTI Professional Flight


They are an ideal choice for anyone who needs to cover long distances quickly,

This is usually either because of their smaller size, their larger fuel tank, or their ability to travel faster, allowing for more distance to be covered in a shorter amount of time.

Ultra long-range heavy jets are superbly luxurious with loads of passenger and baggage space, stand-up cabins and lie-flat beds. The enclosed lavatory is a standard feature.

> Capacity of 13-19 passengers

Max speed of nearly 600 mph 

> Max range of 7,500 miles

> They’re also beneficial because they have the ability to go practically anywhere since they’re private aircraft and don’t require any involvement with commercial airlines.


Bizliners VIP airliners


Jets in this category: Airbus A318 Embraer lineage 1000, and the Boeing BBJ

These are the most expensive private jets on the market today and can boast any combination of amenities you desire. typically feature a master bedroom with bathroom and shower, and also a private area for both business meetings and entertaining guests.

There is plenty of space for flight attendants. 

> Airliners are built to fly 3,500 to 4,200 hours per year

> Max range of up to 11,000 nm 

> BBJ are now operated by private firms and individuals like John Travolta, Steven Spielberg.


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