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Grow your business and scale exponentially with our powerful all-in-one by-the-seat booking solution.


Find out how our ground-breaking business aviation booking solution enables you to sell by-the-seat, reduce your losses, and scale your business like never before.


Underutilized Aircraft

Most jet operators are nowhere near to reaching their full utilization potential. The fear of unavoidable down times, low demand, competitors, expenses, and mechanical failures, makes the business aviation industry one of the toughest and riskiest industries to be in.

Empty Legs

One of the biggest challenges operators have had to deal with was filling up ‘empty leg' flights. Often times, a chartered flight would run back empty and the operator didn't have any viable alternative except to sell at very high costs. The potential loss of revenue has been consistently high often numbering in the millions.



With over $8B in loss of potential revenues, there is a real need of creating more flight opportunities and demand


In April 2019 the FAA approved a new regulation that enabled jet operators to sell seats on private jet flights

Post COVID-19 Travelling

Over 45 million first class domestic passengers are looking for minimum friction points and maximum time efficiency with affordable costs


Selling "By The Seat"

Whether scheduled routes or empty legs, anytime the aircraft is running empty, Imperium Jets will fill it with individual passengers, turning losses into profits.

Valid Distribution Channels

Collaborating with the world's most powerful travel sellers, distributors, and corporations, we know there is always demand for flights, 24/7, 365 days a year. Gain access to a much wider audience who are ready-to-purchase and build a database of loyal customers that will return over and over again.

Complete End to End Product

We provide a regulatory structure, payment methods, client management and a technological control platform at zero costs. There are no set up fees and absolutely no requirement to purchase membership. In other words, all you need to do is plug and play. We do all the legwork and heavy lifting. Selling seats on your private jet flights simply couldn't get any easier.

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